IPL machine, Model LY02

IPL machine

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IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine, Model LY02
IPL machine

Product Code: IPL-LY02


Packing Size / Quantity:  0.71(L) x 0.54(W) x 0.55(H) cm / 0 Pieces
Product Size:  0.71(L) x 0.54(W) x 0.55(H) cm / 0 Pieces
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IPL machine LY02

Hair removal
Skin rejuvenation
Pigmentation removal
Acne removal
Wrinkle removal
Vascular remova


Easy operation with inteligent IPL menu and all languages

Standard Accessories

Hand piece model M (1 pc in the package)   

Hand piece connector F

IPL&SHR Filters

7 in the package: 430, 530, 560, 590, 610, 640, 690-1200nm
Stainless steel + heat resisting quartz + hard film coating 

Xenon Lamp inside the hand piece

UK Firstlight xenon lamp 
F703 7mm*60mm*124mm with wires
lifespan In SHR mode 300,000-500,000 shots
(All our IPL elight SHR machines use UK Firstlight´s lamps,
which are most suitable and stable for Chinese machines)

Beijing Dazhi 800w Power Supply

The best manufacture of power supply in China,
provide real 800w and stable power supply.


1 pc Operater’s Goggles: Blue 200-2000nm
1 pc Patient's goggles: 200-2000nm

1 pc Funnel with 2 pcs CPC valve                                         1 pc Power cable

Technical Specifications


All you get in the package:                                                                              Aluminium box:
22kg 60cm*42cm*38cm                                                          30kg 71cm*54cm*55cm


CE certification

After-sales service

Pre - delivery accessories in order to save your time and cost.
When you receive the machine,you have got the accessory you need in stock.Save time and money for customers and Especially Distributor. Also we have:
1, User manual/ Operation video
2, Service manual / Video
3, 2 years of Warranty

1,What can you do when something happen to your machine?
First, contact us by whatsapp, skype o email, just need a photo o a video, we could know what the problem is, and because you already had necessary accessory in your hand, which we send with the machine, with the video and manual, you can solve it in a few minutes.
2,How is the cooling system, how long can it work?
For the portable machine, it has 4.5 L Water tank, 4 fans, 2 Condenser, 2 Capacitors, imported Peltiers, special Structural design that can help Further improving refrigeration, it can work about 6-8 hours.
3,Does it work for all hairs and all skin?
Yes .

Suitable for:
All skin color
6 Hair color
Different hair size

4, As an engineer, can I adjust the energy as I like?
Yes. We have video for you to modify your machine.

5, User manual: 

6, All the parts of IPL machine LY02: http://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/ipl-ly02-kit_p0308.html


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