Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT

Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT

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Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT
Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT
Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT

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Q switch Nd Yag laser KIT

yag laser hand piece        with 3 filters, 1064nm+532nm, with infrared ray, with triangular connector model F
LCD display & control board       yag laser, 8” multicolor, with connectors & data cables
yag laser power supply        Beijing Dazhi, 500W 10Hz, 220V
capacitor for yag laser        100μF 1400V
water radiator                     aluminium, 273mm*120mm*30mm, with 2 fans
fan cover                             for fans of 12cm*12cm
switching power supply        Mean Well, NED-50A, 5V12V, 6A2A     100-240V
switching power supply        Mean well, NES-25-12, input 100-240V, output 12V, 2.1A
water tank                            22cm*7cm*16cm, 2.46L 
brushless DC pump              DC40H-1265, 12V
rubber feet        
foot pedal        
temperature sensor         DS18B20, 1 meter
water tap        
water flow sensor           JR-A168, 5V, 3 wires
key switch                      Onpow, Y090-11Y/21, Φ22mm
emergency switch         Onpow, Y090-11TS, Φ22mm
power outlet                  AC-04
air switch                        air switch is enough, fuse is not necessary, just like your house, no one uses fuse when having air switch. 
electric wires (whole set)        
water tube (whole set)        

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